Raconteur: A storyteller. A narrator. A complete and utter bullshitter, even.

My favorite raconteurs: Steve Martin, Tina Fey, Beyonce, Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election

Digital Raconteurs is a space dedicated to sharing stories.  It was started by me (Heather Molina) in 2016 as a way to encompass the various types of content I like to create and share.  And more importantly, the content (stories, musings, creations, etc.) that others want to share with me. 

I believe everyone has a story. Fiction. Non-fiction. Audio. Written form. Pictorial depiction. A meme series. A Tweet series. A video.

Any type of creative purge a person wants to share. Most of the content produced is my original creation. I note where it is coming from a guest content creator, and provide the links and attributions necessary.

I do not allow advertising.