Very rarely in life do things line up, providing you with the complete freedom to have the confidence to chase your dream.

In fact, in my experience, you have to make things line up to go after that "set prize."

In the final quarter of 2013, I found myself living in a very cold city. I was newly single. But had a comfortable cushion of funds. I had just started a new job, but was daydreaming of finally doing some intense travel to destinations I had been dreaming about for over 10 years.

"I have the money... I have no romantic attachments... The only thing holding me back is this new job," I reasoned. "This new, fantastic, amazing job."

So instead of doing what I normally had done (play it safe), I quit the job and began my adventure to hit all seven continents on the Earth in seven months.

"It's called the '7 in 7 Tour'," someone told me. "Most people do it in seven years though. Not seven months. That's just crazy."

Well, crazy was what I was looking for in my life. But not a drug-fueled "forget your past" crazy. My "crazy" merely meant bucking the responsible nature I'd had for so long, and giving into my whims. To that point in life, the only "whims" I gave in to were the occasional "eating of my emotions." 

Instead, I wanted to "travel my emotions."

So it began... With a simple trip to Iceland, where two continental plates meet: North America and Europe. Then off to Antarctica. And South America. And Asia. And Australia. And then South Africa. And finally, Europe.

I have yet to really decide what I want my "life's set prize" to be. But the journeys away from my home and everyday life were a form of "self-expression." They were not a way for me to "find myself" or "remember who I was"... Which is how many people wanted to label it.

The travel was - and is - a way for me to satiate my curiosity for life and the energy that exists in each location... Remote or close by.

And in order to experience that energy and fully express myself, I had to find my "balls" and make the Universe line up for me.   


  • Iceland (December 10th through the 15th) Completed
  • NYC (December 16th through the 18th) Completed
  • Arizona (December 20th through the 25th) Completed
  • Argentina (December 28 & 29th) Completed
  • Antarctica (December 29th through December 31st) Completed.




  • Cape Town, South Africa (February 28th through March 6th) Completed
  • Providenciales, Turks & Caicos (March 15th through March 19th) Completed
  • San Diego (March 21st through March 25th) Completed
  • London (March 29th through March 30th) Completed
  • Paris (March 31st) Completed 


  • Bordeaux (April 1st through April 6th) Completed
  • Venice, Italy (April 7th & April 10th) Completed
  • Florence, Italy (April 8th & April 9th) Completed
  • Dublin (April 11th) Completed
  • San Diego (April 18th though 21st) Completed
  • New York City (April 24th through 26th) Completed


  • Phoenix (May 1st through May 6th) Completed
  • Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (May 17th through May 22nd) Completed
  • San Diego (May 23rd through May 26th) Completed
  • Amsterdam (May 28th & 29th) Completed
  • Berlin (May 30th through June 1st) Completed