Anthropologie Jewelry: Worth The $$$?

I am a sucker - big time sucker - for all the amazing jewelry at Anthropologie.  It's boho... And fanulous. Chunky stones...  Bright colors... I love it.

What I don't love?

That it costs a pretty penny... And that it often falls apart - requiring me to "MacGuyver-it" back together.

I have never, ever bought a piece of jewelry from Anthroplogie and NOT had it break.  You would think I would have learned my lesson by now... But I love what they come out with, and give in to my craving.

Here are two piece that I bought in the past few years that have each broken within two months of purchasing... And I have had to fix over and over again.

Funky earrings... The stones keep popping out. Think these cost me $48.

A purple stone triple-layer necklace Santa brought me about two years ago. I had a stone on the strands break in HALF a few DAYS after getting it. So I removed it and restrung the layers. Then, over time, the rhinestones have started popping out.

Such a shame.

But even as I wrote this, I already spy stuff on the Anthropologie website that I am considering procuring.

I will probably never learn my lesson. I will always be a sucker for their stuff.