Bag Storage When You Have No Space.

In the Toronto home, I have a walk-in closet/small dressing room. Here in NYC, I have closet the length of a small wall.

Not bad. It's certainly generous by NYC standards.  But I have been hesitant to buy lots of furniture for my bedroom here. And thus, my closet is quite over-flowing... With no dresser or table in the bedroom. (Just a bed and a mirror!)

The one group of things that takes up a lot of valuable shelf-space in my closet are my bags. I only brought my favorites down here with me, which includes a few bulky Balenciagas.  So I had to find a way to store them off the shelf.

My solution was Command Hooks.

I placed them all on the inside doors of the closet.  And it's worked out quite well.  And the hooks are easy to remove.  I love these things.