Every Last Dime.

The Husband does not like to waste anything. Especially money.

Each day, when he comes home, he empties his change into a large vase in our family room above the fireplace.  I do the same every week with the change I've accumulated in my wallet.  So we have a large amount of random change in it.

At the start of each week, The Husband goes through the vase and picks out all the two-dollar, one-dollar and quarter coins.  He uses them for the bus he takes to work, and the subway he takes home each day. He puts them in a dish by the front door so that he can scrape what he needs each day.

But since I don't live in Toronto fill time right now, I have stopped contributing to the collection.  And as a result, The Husband doesn't have as robust a collection of various dollar coins and quarters. So now he is down to using mostly these...


He doesn't use dimes to pay for all of his bus and subway fare... As that would be completely ridiculous and piss off other customers.  The subway/bus fare (one way) is $3.  So that would be 30 dimes he would be pumping into the fare box.  And that would mean he need to carry around 60 dimes a day to pay for the trip to work and back. 

Imagine how much that would peeve off the people behind him, as well as the fare collectors!  He's conservative with his money... Not an a-hole.

So he only takes 20 dimes a day to pay for part of his fare, and uses quarters or dollar coins to pay for the rest.  And I find it charming about him.