Grand Things Don't Just Happen.

I get depression. Trust me. I spent a good majority of 2009, 2010 and 2011 in a funk. And I know form experience how difficult it can be to lift yourself out of it.

You just seem to sink deeper and deeper. And there's very little you can think of to pull yourself out. You keep waiting for something grand to happen. For the Universe to throw you a hand... To help pull you out of the water.

But nothing happens.

Now, when this happens to me (and it has... repeatedly throughout my life), I go slightly insane. Not in a bad way. It's mostly internal and it culminates in me expressing a complete dissatisfaction with my surroundings.

"I wish something big and grand would happen! Something spark some direction!"

But nothing happens. Only determination will pull you out of the abyss. And what I eventually am able to do is remind myself, "Grand things don't just happen, lady. Quit waiting for something grand to happen... And just do something grand yourself."

What do I mean by "grand?"

Anything... Provided it's fairly legal and not going to harm yourself or someone else. It could be something simple or something difficult.  But whatever it is, it sparks some inspiration and gets you motivated and pulled out of your funk.


  • Moving (I did it across country... And also to another country.)
  • Coloring your hair
  • Take a solo vacation (local or destinational)
  • Sell your assets and go to Bikram yoga teacher training
  • Start a blog, and write every day no matter how much Internet bullies tell you it sucks
  • Paint your room a different color... One that makes you happy
  • Quit your job (This one takes cajones)
  • Go vegan
  • Meditate every morning

These are all things I have done. And in each case, I was blue for a few good months.  And after a few good bouts of crying at the bleakness before me, I would do something to just push me out of my comfort zone.

"Life begins when you get out of your comfort zone."

I tell my students that when I teach a Bikram class.  But it needs to be said more often outside of a hit, humid and tough yoga class. We need to be reminded far, far more often. You're supposed to be uncertain of the future. You're supposed to be a little scared, but still be fearless.

Be grand. By whatever definition that means to you.