"It's What We Paid For You."

My how times have changed.

This weekend my Mum brought a couple of things I still have lingering at her house in the small Arizona town I grew up in near the Mexican border.

The pile included my Varsity Letterman jacket (complete with all the Varsity letters, pins and patches I received from my ambitious youth... Though, let's face it. I grew up in a small town. There wasn't much else to do BUT be ambitious.)...  My sorority composite board (the thing you see hanging in chapter houses that features the headshot of every member) from university...  My "MVC" (most valuable cheerleader) trophy from senior year in high school...  And this...

It's the receipt given to my parents upon their hospital check out after my birth.

"It's what we paid for you!" my Mum said to me.

A whole $16.40. That was my parents' portion of the bill from when my Mum checked in on April 11th and then checked out on April 15th.

The way I envision it is that Dad threw down a $20 bill and said, "Keep the change."  But I doubt they were allowed to accept tips at military hospitals in Georgia.

I think it is a very sweet thing to keep. And I'm glad my Mum gave it to me. It's going in the memory box I have at home in Toronto.