Passive-Aggressive Notes Are Awesome.

When I come home in the evenings, I get off the elevator to my 6th floor apartment. I share the floor with three other residents... All 20-somethings.  Either they must be doing really well for themselves... Or mommy and daddy bought their places for them.

Why am I bringing that up?  Well...  It - I believe - is an example of the lack of maturity of some of them. Well, one person in particular.

At least a few nights a week, when I get home, as soon as I step off of the elevator, I am overwhelmed by the fragrant notes of a marijuana storm.  As I walk the few feet from the elevator to my apartment, I can easily tell which apartment the scent is coming from...  And it's the guy who lives across the hall from me.

Usually, he is in there smoking and spinning records.  He's a DJ.  And he does very well for himself. Works very hard, and also has a business installing sound systems.

Once I get into my apartment and close the door, I don't hear his music or smell the weed. So I have no problem with what he's doing. Quite frankly, I think it's awesome. Not something I would do... But good for him.

Well, apparently I am the coolest (and oldest) person with this... Because one of my other neighbors has a huge issue with this.

Yeah! Passive-aggressive notes always work!

I kind of feel like I should go over to Jenna and let her know that the guy whose apartment the smell is coming from also happens to be THE CONDO BOARD PRESIDENT!!!

So... Her complaint would be going to the guy with whom she has the problem.

Good times.  High times.