Sephora VIB Points.

"I need new make-up brushes. Let's hit up Sephora."

I was trying to squeeze a little more time with The Husband before I go back to NYC this afternoon.  But I needed to run an errand. A girlie errand.

The Husband is not a fan of Sephora. Simply because he knows I spend a lit of time and $$$$ there.  But he was a good sport, and was willing to come with me. And I knew exactly what it was I needed to get, so there wouldn't be any unnecessary dawdling.

Brushes were located quickly...

New brushes for my eye make-up. Clean and pristine! Took them up to the counter to pay, and threw down my Sephora VIB points card.

(Side note: I love that I can use my card in either the US or Canada, and the points still add up.)

"You have 823 points," the shop girl told me.  "Would you like to redeem them?"

I looked my options. I wasn't enthused by the 100-point or 500-point options.

"No thanks," I said. "I'll just keep them for now."

I smiled at The Husband.

"Try not to think about what it means that I have 823 points on my card," I said to him.

He laughed.

"Oh no," he informed me. "I know exactly what it means that you have accumulated 823 points.  And I know that you redeemed some of your points just in December."


I like shopping at Sephora. And spend quite a pretty penny there each year.