Short List Of Reasons To Live: February 19, 2012.

Holy shiz! It's been like three weeks since I last did this. How careless and uncommitted of me!

Gives you a bit of an idea of how busy I have these past few weeks. But now it is time to catch up...

Here is this week's Short List of Reasons to Live:

  • Downton Abbey Season Finale. Well, it's tonight. So technically this only gives me a reason to live till the end of today.  But it is still critical and needs to be recognized. 
  • Phoenix Next Weekend.  Friday I head to the Valley of the Sun to visit family. Haven't been to Phoenix since last May.
  • Jax's First Birthday. Yay! My nephew - who is the cutest little boy ever - turns one.  His parents are throwing him a totally awesome rager. I love kids when they are so little.
  • London Fashion Week. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was fairly bored with NYFW this year. London FW just started. I have high hopes for it, and have even seen a few things I love from Issa.
  • Four Weeks Till The Hunger Games. Have you read the series yet? Get off your bum and do it NOW! At least read the first book. "Sappy teenage chick lit" MY ASS.
  • Four Weeks Till Mad Men Returns. I feel like there has been a whole inside me. One that began with the last season that aired in 2010. The season that left me feeling all "WTF?!?!?!"  I fear that we have jumped the shark with this show. But let's see if Matt Weiner can bring this next season back for us. 
  • Four Weeks Till Spring Arrives. I really need to get my shiz together and give my Spring/Summer 2012 style purchases some serious thoughts. This isn't that far.

Till next week...