Short List Of Reasons To Live: February 27, 2012.

By the time this publishes, I will be on a flight back from Arizona to New York.  (Was out west this weekend for a birthday party!) But I wanted to make sure I got it published, because I will be getting back quite late.  So here is this week's List of Short Reasons to Live..

(And I'm not repeating any from last week!)

  • Game of Thrones.  We have about a month till the new season starts. This shiz just got real!
  • Blow Out Bar. Yep... Trying out a new service offered a few blocks from my apartment this week. Getting my hair blown out before work at this place called Dry Bar.  Expect a write-up.
  • Coloring My Hair. I can't remember when I last colored my hair. I think it was December. And I did it my self. This time, I am paying someone else to do it. And it's just across the street from me.
  • New Skirt! I decided to get in the mood for Spring and purchased a new skirt for myself. I have no idea whether or not it will even look good on me.  But it should be on it's way early in the week. I can't wait!
  • The Husband Visits. Not this week... But next week. And he will be here for a few days because of work.  Yay!!

Till next week!