That's NOT A Skin Tag, Lady.

About a month ago, I noticed something on my eyelid.

I was putting primer on my eyelid - which I always do before adding my eye make-up - and I noticed a tiny flap of skin on my eyelid crease.

"This must be a skin tag," I said to myself.

So I went to research them online. Turns out they are common on eyelids as you age... Since we often tend to rub our eyes a lot.

I researched how to get rid of them, and because it was on my eyelid, the best solution was to go to the doctor to have it sliced off.  Even though they are so tiny, it's still your eye.  And you don't want to eff with your eyes.

I kept meaning to make an appointment with my dermatologist. But I have been so busy that I kept putting it off for the time being. Till about two weeks ago.

The Husband was down in NYC visiting me.  One morning we woke up, and he mentioned "the thing" on my eye. It had gotten bigger. And was REALLY noticeable.

"You should get that looked at," he said.

"Yeah? You think so, buddy?" I thought. "No shit."

So an appointment was made, and this past week I saw my dermatologist. She peered at it with her magnifying glasses.

"I don't think that's a skin tag," she informed me. "It looks like a wart."

"EWWWW!" I screeched. "How the hell does one get a WART on their eyelid? I am super anal in Bikram and ONLY use my own towels to practice on on class.  And I ALWAYS stand front row, so no one is in front of me and can stick their nasty feet in my face."

"Warts are caused by viruses," she reminded me. "You could touch something on the subway, and then rub your eye and not realize you've transferred it."

She assured me she could remove it just as easily as a skin tag. But she mentioned she wanted to have it biopsied - just in case.

So a small pinch of local anesthetic, a minute of waiting for it to kick in... And she took small scissors to it.

I didn't feel a thing. And there was no blood.  She dabbed Neosporin on it, and told me to lay off the hot yoga and eye make-up for a number of days.

It is starting to heal nicely. But it looked a little red earlier this weekend.  The biopsy should confirm for her if it was just a skin tag, or indeed a wart like she thought. Either way, she said it won't come back.

And you can sure as hell bet I am going to start walking to work, rather than taking the damn subway. Going to avoid it as much as possible.