A Whole Weekend Of Relaxing!

I am up in Toronto this weekend. First trip back to the Great White North that didn't involve work.  And I like it!

Before I moved back down to NYC, I had intended for all my trips back to Canada to be purely to relax and visit The Husband. But the first day I started my job, that changed.

"We're giving you Canada to figure out," I was told. This meant partnering with the agencies up here and finding opportunities to help make their offering more robust.

It sounded exciting. But that meant that every trip I took to Canada had me working. And Canada was no longer my sacred place.

But this weekend, I was adamant that I have to myself. No way was I going to work. Or so I thought. Even with the day off yesterday, I did get pulled into something while waiting for an appointment. It didn't bother me; it's what I like doing. But I had hoped to not have to put anything off to deal with work.

But now that it is Saturday, I am not doing any work. Not this time. (Though, confession: I did deal with one easy email this morning. It's hard to not always be wired in.)

And now, I am going to spend the rest of the day with The Husband. We have a fancy dinner planned for one of our favorite restaurants in the neighborhood. And I may go do some shopping in a little while.