Advice Request: Removing Labels From Silk.

I occasionally get a request for advice from a reader.  While I was out enjoying the bitch-tastic-ness that is Chelsea (without my mobile, as documenting would be too much fun and scandalous) a passerby on this blog wrote in needing some assistance.

I received three scarves as gifts at Christmas.  All are silk.  The labels are sewn in tightly, and I'm afraid to try to remove them.  Any advice you could give me?  I would like to wear one next Friday, March 23.

I totally feel you, choupette (French for "Sweetie").  I, too, want to get dolled up for opening night of The Hunger Games. (And no, I shit you not. I kick it up to "11" when I am psyched about movies.)

Silk scarves are luxurious and chic. Whoever gave them to you as presents probably thinks highly of your fashion taste.  Or, maybe they don't, and wanted you to step things up. But I am willing to bet it is the former in this instance. In which case, I completely understand your seeking advice on how to remove the labels.

With even my chicest scarves (like this one The Husband bought me for my birthday last year), I remove the labels. And how do I do it?

With one of these.

A seam ripper.

My barely cultured ass learned back in Beginner's Home Economics (Yes, I took this course in 7th grade. If you grew up where I did too, you would know this equated to enormous excitement... We didn't really have a lot going on there...) that the safest way to remove labels (and seams you gone and done up wrong) was with one of these.

You can find it at Walgreens. Or Duane Reade. Or Walmart.

Very easy to use. You just take the pointy end and GENTLY ease it under a section of the stitch holding the label in place.  You GENTLY loosen the stitch.  You GENTLY pull it till it undoes itself and breaks, or that you can cut it.  You then move onto the next stitch, being GENTLE! (Think of it as "losing your virginity," honey. Okay?)  Eventually, you should be able to GENTLY remove the stitches by just tugging.

It's actually quite easy.  Just don't be too quick.

Hope this helps!