The "Best" Time Of Your Life.

I was at dinner the other night, chatting about youth. Not the millennials out there today, but rather the youthful days gone by of the people at the table.

I wasn't the oldest at the table. And certainly not the youngest. But some from each group chatted about how the best days of their lives were high school and college. And how they would totally go and do it all over again if they could.  They weren't saying that their lives now are awful or anything like that... Just that they had so much fun in their youth, and would absolutely do it all over again if they could.

My reaction was, "WTF? Really?"

I had a good childhood. I am very happy when I look back on high school. And by the time I got to university, I was anxious to start my independent life and "feel" like an adult. So I look back on all that and feel happy and blessed.

But to call them the "best times of my life?" Hell no. And here's why.

If I carried that attitude of, "Man! That was such an awesome time! I wish I could go back and do it again!" it would suggest that what I am doing now "ain't the shiz.

And no matter what, people, whatever you are doing now should be in effort to make this moment the time in your life you want to be living. Other wise, what's the point of living?

It's always the journey that matters the most, not so much the landing we call "the destination." 

We have a habit of not realizing that when we make happiness about "the destination," we tend to land on it and look back and think... "Wow. That was awesome. Wish I could be there again, in that moment."

Thus, you are living in the past.. And not realizing that the happiness you felt was actually in the journey. And that you can have that feeling again. It's called, "Live in this moment and appreciate what you have done. Now take one step forward and continue on your journey."

My husband, Human, would tell you I am always on a journey. In fact, I think he would probably tell you it annoys him a wee bit how vocal I am about my journey.

"Just do it. Live. You don't have to try to make a battle with everyone around you about how you feel like you aren't living. No one is stopping you. Duh."

Okay, I added the last word. His polished Canadian Queen's English (meaning he speaks properly and never uses the word "eh") would never utter the word. "Duh." But his sentiment is what's important. No one sets your limits but you. And if what you want to be happy, go do something that makes you happy.

Enjoy your journey. Bid each passing day with a blessing of gratefulness. Start each new day's journey with the intention of happiness and not living in the past.

And recognize that this is still an awesome song...