Do You Like "White Girl Problems"?

I think you should.

"White Girl Problems" is a blog by Babe Walker. I only discovered her this past weekend. And I am in awe.

Girlfriend is the snarkiest betch that ever traveled through the birth canal to grace this planet and humankind with her presence.

And I have nothing but mad love and respect for a woman who opens her mouth (or Macbook) and what is channeled out is succinct, bitchy, sarcastic and divine.

In fact, I found her words to be vastly superior than most blogs out there (in your face Dooce - you SUCK!

Babe Walker (pseudonym) is a mid-20s girl about LA who was birthed from money and a BelAir lifestyle. She runs with a Hollywood crowd. She is style. She is an artist. She is shallow. She is awesome.  

She even has a book, which I only downloaded yesterday morning and am almost through.

Read the blog. Follow her on Twitter. Download the book. 

Even if she isn't a real person... This is very enjoyable writing.