Dry Bar NYC: Urban Lady Indulgence.

Today I got to experience what I consider to be the ultimate indulgence for me... A blow out before work.

Since getting married, I pretty much stopped spending more than 20 minutes on my hair each day. That accounts for the time it takes to wash my hair, blow out my bangs and pull half of it back.

Sad... But I just don't have time to spend more than that on my hair. So I wear it wavy every day.

But today was different.  I headed to the Dry Bar in my neighborhood for a 7:15am appointment to have my hair washed and blown out.

I arrived at the joint and there were already a few other gals getting their hair prepped for the day.  Unlike me though, they all showed up wearing what they were probably going to wear to work. I just showed up in my Lulu gear.

After washing my hair and applying some Moroccan Oil, I was taken to a lovely bar with comfy chairs in front of it.  I sat back, drank some coffee and had my hair blown out while watching Breakfast At Tiffany's on the TV above the bar.  Thirty minutes later I walked out with pin-straight, shiny hair.

Love it.  And I could see myself going there and having it done maybe every other week. Definitely worth the $40.