Fan Fair: My CLOTHES Stuff.

Another peak into what I love and use every day...  Here is the Fan Fair around my clothing and style.

I prefer Ravens... But haven't bought a new pair in a while. I also love Paige.

Gosh. I don't really wear a watch, other than my Marc Jacobs one. But I totally dream of some day buying (or receiving as a gift) a Chanel J12 Chromatic watch.

I don't wear sneakers - except to the gym. But the ones I wear are New Balance. And they cost $93. That's all I really know about them.

J. Crew.

I don't own it... But am thinking about buying it. It's the Diane vonFurstenburg Silk Color Block dress.

For work days, it's Balenciaga Work or Weekender... Depending on whether or not I am hitting Bikram afterwards.

For the weekend, it's usually Balenciaga Day Bag or a Marc Jacobs hobo bag I bought 7 years ago.

Jessica Hunt black clutch, which I procured at a sample sale in Toronto almost three years ago.

As I've mentioned before, I am a sucker for Anthropologie jewelry.  Also a sucker for Marc by Marc Jacobs jewelry. But my favorite piece lately is the Anthropologie piece I bought last weekend.

I wore it the past week a few times.

Fingers crossed it doesn't break on me anytime soon.

When it comes to stuff I actually wear, it's Vince and Joie. I own bit of both, and it's obscene. They're so comfortable.

About two years ago, I discovered the Morse flat by Jimmy Choo. I fell in love and ended up buying 4 pairs, in different colors, over the next year. They're great for work.  I've had a few of them re-cobbled. because I wear them so much.