Fan Fair: My HOME Stuff.

One of my absolute favorite parts of Vanity Fair magazine is the "My Stuff" section in the "Fan Fair" feature of the magazine.

It's the part of the magazine where they interview some public figure about their style. There are no elaborate responses.  Just straight-forward and simple answers. (This past month's featured person was Sophia Coppola.  LOVE!)

The feature takes up an entire page of editorial. It's kinda long. But it gives you a sense of what they dig. And I am using it for myself.  But I am breaking it apart.  This post will be about my HOME taste.

New York City (Chelsea) and Toronto (Yorkville)

No idea. I've never had a chance to really cultivate my artistic preferences. But I LOVE John Derian's decoupage pieces... And own about nine pieces.

West Elm and Martha Stewart Every Day from Kmart in 2001. Not glamourous... I know. I have yet to also cultivate a taste for high thread counts. Sheets seem to last a long time for me. I take care of them.

My favorite all-time piece was the McQueen Rib Cage luggage I bough three years ago. But I wore that out after only two years. It wasn't really meant to travel as much as it did.  So now I use a Tumi carry-on and a Balenciaga Weekender bag. I ONLY carry-on. If it doesn't fit in the carry-on and the bag, it doesn't come with me.

In Toronto, it's Bernadaud Louvre.  I haven't bought proper china for the NYC place.  So it's a mix of West Elm pieces. I do have an Hermes teacup that I drink espresso out of every morning though. I would love an entire set of that. But it would require shelling out a lot of money.

I transported my Nespresso Citiz machine from Toronto down here to NYC when I relocated full time, as The Husband doesn't drink coffee. I keep a french press in the house in Toronto.  But there's a great espresso shop across the street from my house. So I often just pop over there since it's only 20 feet away.

I do have to confess, though, that I go to Starbucks a lot and have really enjoyed using the Starbucks App on my iPhone. So I consider any Starbucks shop my "coffee maker" as well.

Umm... Gmail?  I tried using pretty stationary a few years back. But the art of regular hand-written notes fails me.

Peonies. Followed by carnations.  Followed by tulips.  Always in only one color. Never any fillers. Just the flowers.

iPhone/iPad. Probably iPhone just over iPad... As it really changed my life. Hard to believe the iPhone has only been around for almost 5 years... And I've only been using one for almost 3 years. That device CHANGED MY LIFE. I am completely an impatient person now.

One of my employers tried giving me a Blackberry.  I never used it though. I just used my personal iPhone. I can't work with inferior technology that doesn't do anything but email and serve as a phone. I NEVER EVEN TALK ON THE PHONE. Tweet me. Facebook me. Text me. Email me.  Heck! Even send me a message through Words with Friends!

In Toronto, Sotto Sotto on Avenue Road. Here in NYC? I have no idea. There are too many good ones. I guess if I had to choose, it would be Lasagna's in Chelsea.  It's a block away from my apartment... And it is a second version of the first one in the 50s on 2nd Avenue.  That one was where The Husband and I used to eat dinner every other weekend back when we met here and were first dating. Plus, it's SUPER CHEAP.  Even 11 years later!

Eek! Um... Not much of a drinker. But it would have to be a Pinot  Noir. Preferably from Oregon.

Not much of a "dessert" person. But probably some kind of chocolate cake or brownie WITH NUTS. And it has to be warm. Warm and with nuts. (That's what she said!)

It used to be Cheez-Its. But that was only because I was living in Canada and couldn't get them. Now, I guess it would be Saltines with Franks Hot Sauce. Random, I know.