A Fox & Captain America.

The Husband was telling me this evening about something he sees every day on his way to work.

At approximately 8:45am every day, he stands at a bust stop on Davenport in Toronto.  While he waits for the bus to come by, he sees a child walk by on his way to school wearing a fox hood.  The fox ears droop a little, and the kid is about six years old. So The Husband deems this okay.

"That's awesome," I told him. "This is why you need an iPhone... So you can snap a picture and send it to me."

"Well," he said to me, "It doesn't top the 'Captain America' outfit with the iPad... But it comes close."

That's when I realized... I never shared this with y'all (just posted it on Facebook)...

This was from my trip to Asia last Summer. I was flying from Hong Kong to Phuket. This kid was in the First Class line boarding the plane. (Lucky bastard.) They let him on the plane wearing it.

Super awesome. And it made me wonder, "Would I let my kid wear this while traveling?"

My answer to that: Hell no.

Because my father was in the military, I did my fair share of traveling as a child.  There were a few trips between the States and West Germany back then. And we were properly dressed on those flights. And we didn't mess around either. We behaved. my parents wouldn't have tolerated less.

So this "Captain America" shit? Yeah... That wouldn't have flown with my parents. (Pun intended.)

But I agree with The Husband. This was an awesome "real life" capture.