Genius Travel Style.

Browsing through the "Small Leather Goods" section on the Balenciaga site in the hopes of finding a wallet I would like to buy myself for my birthday next month failed me.

I can't choose between all the styles and colors available.

So I started browsing though the other sections, till I found myself in the "Travel" section... And saw this...

Perfect for traveling. It measures close to my Balenciaga Work bag, which I travel with sometimes. I am not crazy about the color, as I prefer bright colors. But it's a great idea. And I am sure they will make it other colors at some point.

One of the best parts of the bag...

The wide horizontal strap on the back!

It's there so that you can loop it around the retractable handle on your carry on suitcase.


Too expensive for me to buy myself. But they'll sucker me in if they make it other colors.