It's Awesome To Be A Woman. Not Hard.

Today being Women's International Day and all, I decided to show my support by throwing on my bright lipstick...

(Side note: Love, LOVE Tom Ford lipsticks!)

As I was reading through Google+ this morning, in search of other supporters of the day uploading their "Pout Pictures", I saw this posted...

Now, I get the sentiment behind it.  This quote was drafted probably decades ago (I couldn't find an attribution source for it), and meant to help further women's empowerment.  But today, I think it sends the wrong message.

Hear me out. Or rather, "read" me out.

I do not think it is "hard to be a woman." And I refuse to perpetuate that idea to the women I come in contact with in my life.  Additionally, I refuse to perpetuate that idea to the men I come in contact with in my life.

Make no mistake, I recognize that women are NOT considered independent and free citizens in every country in the world. And I that is one of the purposes of today: to advocate and reminds us that not all women are celebrated and respected the same way. But I find it to be dated and a bit offensive to subscribe to the above quote.

So I am just going to change it... And please feel free to share it.

You are encouraged and celebrated to think like you (Because you are intelligent and creative)
Act like a compassionate and respectful human being
Look like you by reflecting your personality
And work like a horse (because work ethic and ambition are good things)
If anyone leads you to believe differently, then they simply don't matter.

I want to make sure we are instilling in women (and men) that we raise today that it is just "awesome to be alive and living in a place where you can be and do what you dream of."  Not everyone is lucky like that. And if anyone uses any of the following to discourage them from being free and going after their dreams, they should rethink that person's role in their life and/or show them they are wrong:

  • You're too old.
  • You're too young.
  • You're not strong enough.
  • You're not smart enough.
  • You're too smart.
  • You're too new.
  • You don't have enough experience.
  • I was here first, it's mine.
  • You have no money.
  • You had it too easy. 
  • It's the way it's always been done. It's tradition.

Sometimes it's ourselves that put these limits in our heads... Making us feel guilty about whatever it is we have a pull to pursue. I am very much guilty of this myself.

But my one request is that for today, we women make an effort (intending for here on out) not to allow others or ourselves bully or guilt us into not being the awesome beings we are, and truly believing it.