Marc by Marc Jacobs Jewelry.

I never wore jewelry much in my younger days. And lately I have developed a taste for the beautiful - but often poorly-crafted - stuff from Anthropologie.  But I also have a guilty pleasure that you might think is way more extravagant than it actually is...

Marc by Marc Jacobs costume jewelry.

There aren't many Marc by Marc stores in the country. I had one in Boston. I missed it while living in Toronto.  But being back in NYC, I am in heaven again. And once a season I head down to Bleeker Street to take a peek.

Today was one of those days.

I found a few things I fell in love with immediately, and was surprised that The Husband (who was with me) actually liked the pieces too.

Now I have a nice little collection...

New Today:

  • Leopard-silk gold fabric bangles
  • Plastic pink leopard large bangle
  • Silver faux-snake bangles
  • Star necklace
  • Wish bone necklace

Already in Collection:

  • Red leather skull cuff
  • Silver bone bangles

All in, this collection is worth less than $70.  Most pieces cost around $7-$8. The red leather skull cuff I picked up for $1 in Boston five years ago.

If you live near a Marc by Marc boutique, check it out. LOTS of things in the shop are out of my price range... But some of the jewelry (and tees, and tanks, and flipflops) are totally good steals!