Short List Of Reasons To Live: March 12, 2012.

I just wrapped up five days with The Husband here in NYC. He was sick with a cough. So it made him slightly less fun than usual.  But he was a trooper and got out with me a little.  I was so preoccupied with his pending visit (code: I needed to spend all last Sunday cleaning the apartment) that I failed to write my Short List last weekend.


But when you fail at something, all you can do is pick up again and keep trying.  So here's this week's Short List of Reasons to Live...
  • I turn 35 exactly a month from today. THIS SHIZ JUST GOT REAL!  I have really enjoyed my 30s so far.  And I'm certainly not one of those people who gets all, "Oh god! I'm getting so old! I am in my 30s!" Bitch, please. My 30s have been way more awesome than my 20s ever could have been. And it's mostly because I could really care less about what others think. Make no mistake, I am not a mean person or randomly rude to people. No. No. I respect the opinions of others around me, because they're human beings and deserve to be heard. But I don't let their opinions sway me if my mind is set. And it took me quite a long time to get to that level of comfort with my life. So 35 is going to be awesome.
  • It's Pi Day on Wednesday.  It also happens to be my Mum's b-day. I should have thought ahead and sent her a pie.
  • St. Patrick's Day is on Saturday. Being half Irish, you may find it surprising that I could really give a shiz about this day. I don't believe in standing in long lines to get into a pub to drink beer. So instead, I will go to a Bikram class (taught by a chap named "Patrick")... Then shower and take myself out to dinner.  In homage of the other 50% of my ethnicity (Mexican), I will go to Rosa Mexicano for dinner.  By myself. Unless someone wants to go with me. I leave the invite open.
  • Massage next Sunday.  Knowing that waits at the end of my week will get me through the next seven days.
  • Two weeks till Hunger Games. Gosh! Before I see The Husband next, I will have seen the Hunger Games! Probably twice, because I do things like that!
Till next week!