Short List Of Reasons To Live: March 18, 2012.

I did not do everything I said I would yesterday.  I did not go to yoga or take myself out for Mexican food on St. Patrick's Day.


Well, first, it was far too gorgeous outside to be inside doing yoga. Once Summer hits, I won't feel that way on most sunny days. But it has provided me with some perspective. I need to practice first thing in the morning on the weekends, rather than wait till the afternoon. Because I am going to want to take advantage of Summer in the city. Just like I did yesterday.

And I didn't do Mexican food because I woud up craving Italian. Maybe next weekend?

Anyway... Here is this week's list of Short Reasons to Live:

  • HUNGER GAMES! Finally!  I am ready for the arena! I have promised a friend I would go see it with her the Wednesday after it is released. But I fully intend to see it before then too.  I have a feeling I will see this at least three times in theaters.
  • Turks & Caicos. I have less than a month till I leave for vacation. The beach! And not the loud, noisy, people-polluted beaches from here in the States... It's a nice, quiet, private beach. One where I will easily be able to get a chair with an umbrella, and can just sleep and read all day.
  • Spring Is Here! Or rather, will be on Tuesday. But let's be real... We've been super spoiled here in NYC with all the Spring-like weather we have been having lately... So it already is Spring.
  • Mad Men. Swoon! Time to get out our martini shakers and candy cigarettes (as smoking is a dirty habit no one should be doing), and get ready for the season premiere of Mad Men on Sunday night! It's been 17 months... Since I was away at Bikram Yoga Teacher Training... That we last had a new episode of Mad Men. That is far too long to go for some Draper.
  • Martini Party. Speaking of "Mad Men"... I have an invite to a Mad Men-inspired party on Thursday night. Haven't decided yet if I will dress in era-appropriate costume... Though I would LOVE to "Don" (hee-hee) a three-piece suit, and dress like a fella of the era. Maybe just a fedora, though?

Till next week!