Short List Of Reasons To Live: March 25, 2012.

This week has been a blur. I was so incredibly busy. I also had two business parties this week that I went to. The first - for my work - was cool. It was just too crowded. The "Mad Men" one I went to only got a 20-minute appearance from me. I was just exhausted.

This week will be busy too. But more manageable. Hopefully fewer meetings...  So I can spend my work hours getting stuff done.  For this week, though, here is my Short List of Reasons to Live...

  • Game of Thrones.  Next Sunday night. 9pm. In Toronto. I will be watching.
  • Birthday & Vacation. Less than three weeks till I turn 35 and go on vacation to the Turks & Caicos. I can't wait.  I find the idea of hitting my mid-30s to be exciting. And spending a week on the beach, hopefully not wired in much, sounds ideal.  I doubt that it will happen though - the "not being wired in" bit. Those who know me find that idea laughable.  The last time I went on vacation to the beach, I started a yoga website. (Which I fully intend to get back to.)
  • Human's Birthday. The Husband's birthday is this week. It falls exactly two weeks before mine.  (Just like my maternal grandparents, whose birthdays fall exactly two weeks apart. Also, coincidentally, The Husband shares the same name as my maternal grandfather. And my grandmother and I have flower names.)
  • Two Nieces Are Coming. Sometime in the next three to four weeks, I will likely have two nieces born. One in Arizona. The other in Australia. As an aunt who prioritizes style, I have already procured fashionable dresses from the DVF Baby Gap line for them. I just have to get around to shipping them. They're not the typical baby clothes crap. They're awesome.
  • Toronto. This week will be my last trip to Toronto for a few months, as when I come back from the Turks and Caicos, I have to renew my passport. I'm looking forward to not having to travel up there for a few months, and being able to stay in NYC consistently. I may even try to do a 30-day yoga challenge with the consistent location base I will have.