What Does "Culture" Even Smell Like?

What? Huh?

Sometimes, as I am laying in bed early on Friday mornings, I peruse the "What's New" section on Net-A-Porter.

The light isn't even peeking into my bedroom window. But the alarm has gone off, and I am simply too comfortable to get out of bed.  So I roll over and grab my iPad, and read through emails... One of which on Friday morning's is the "What's New For You" email I get from Net-A-Porter.  And one of the things they recommended for me?

A "Book Scented" candle.

It confused me at first. But I have spent a good portion of my life in bookstores. So have a fairly good idea of what new books smell like... Though my familiarity may have waned a bit since I now buy a lot of books digitally.

I guess Assouline (who makes the candle - and some of my favorite books, funny enough) figured they would tap into this dying marketplace of owning actual books and provide some nostalgia. So perhaps I should pick one up to burn in the evenings while I read on my iPad?

Well done, Assouline.  Not only are you luring me with your beautiful fashion and style photo books, you're now tugging at my curiosity.

The one candle they have listed, though, that confuses me is the "Culture Lounge Scented" candle. I can't begin to imagine what "spicy" notes with which the candle perfumes the air.

Again... Well done, Assouline. Thinking of adding this to my cart too.