Bikram 101. NOT!

Such ambition... Such a lack of drive.

Two years ago, I completed a Bikram 101-Day Challenge. I wanted to do it to show myself I was ready to go to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training. My practice was the best it had ever been after that challenge.

Then it went to shit.

Especially when I went to teacher training.  My practice got so bad at training. My body broke down. I developed acid reflux - really badly. Then when I got back from training, I focused more on teaching and working my full time corporate job.  So my practice really went to crap. And has stayed there.

I had hoped to do a Bikram 101-Day Challenge again this year, finishing it this weekend. That was not meant to be, though.

Between my travel schedule, work schedule and spending time with The Husband... I completely failed at the challenge. In fact, I only went 23 times.

Only 23 times in 101 days.

That's pathetic.

It's time to start prioritizing my practice. Above all else. And I mean, ALL ELSE. No exceptions. I am done having my health take a lower run on the priority ladder.