Birthday 35. Year Three.

Quite a change this year from last year, as far as birthdays go.  Being 35, besides being of age to run for president, has brought on some unique developments in my taste... But I will save that for another post.

This post is all about my annual tradition of "doing my numbers," as my friend Frogger likes to say.

This year, I began a Year Three in the Nine Year Numerology Cycle.

For those of you not familiar with my annual post from the past five years...  According to numerology, you move through life in nine year cycles. There is a simple calculation for figuring out what year you are in within your cycle.  And each year carries its own characteristics in relation to where you are in the cycle.

Being in a Year Three... Well, let me review Year Two, actually.

Going into Year Two, here is what I was aware of:

  • Sit back.
  • Keep goals in sight.
  • No being aggressive.
  • Prepare to make decisions.
  • Meditate. Concentrate.

I failed at all of the above.  As far as I am concerned.  Year Two was a year where I made some serious decisions. I was not at all good at the whole "meditate" and "concentrate" bit. And that's probably why I am more anxious now.

So Year Three...

  • This is a year about "love." (My first thought upon reading that is, "Sweet eff-ing hell! No sappy shit!")
  • It is about art, creativity and relationships. 
  • It is an emotional year... And one where I need to allow my mind to be receptive and led. (Following intuition.)
  • It is a year of creating around you the future you want for yourself for the rest of the Nine Year cycle.
  • "We become what we love."

Well... This actually sounds lovely. And here is what I take away from it:

  1. Learn to play the banjo.
  2. Dedicate time to writing every day. (Not just blogging.)
  3. Get in the hot room at the end of each day, and allow the mind to take a break for 90 minutes. (Allow it to be led.)
  4. Spend time focused on doing what I love.

Well this doesn't sound so bad.