Detox Acupuncture & A Rub-Down With Caster Oil.

I always forget how much acupuncture zaps your energy right after.

As a birthday treat, Frogger and Bail met me for dinner after I got back from vacation this week.  I don't get to see them as often as I would like, since they live in Boston... But I see them more often than I did when I lived in Toronto.  At dinner, they surprised me with one of my favorite things: A gift certificate to Exhale Spa.


I've been going to exhale for - gosh - seven years now. Sure, it's pretty much a corporate spa now, with all of their locations (they even have one in the Turks and Caicos), but it has unique treatments.  Facials... Massages...  Been there. Done that.  Acupuncture? Did that five years ago at Exhale.  But a different treatment caught my eye when I was browsing the website to try to find what I wanted to use my gift certificate on.  I ended up choosing a type of detox acupuncture.  But it was different...

It involved caster oil.

"Caster oil and needles? How does that even work?" I asked myself. So I booked to find out, and went this morning.

Standard questions are asked - some very personal.  But I am used to it.  You take off your robe, and towels are draped over the body.  The acupuncture is done first, with specific emphasis on the areas that need to be detoxed. This is based on the answers given to the questions, which help guide the healer to focus on specific points.

I am used to acupuncture needles. But when you have blocked energy at certain points, when the needle initially goes in it does feel a little "jabby." But only for a brief second.

The healer needed a much bigger needle for my third eye.

"You aren't able to quiet your mind so easily, are you?" I was asked.

Obviously, I thought.

The needles rested in my points for about 20 minutes.  After that, the healer came back and removed them from my spleen and liver areas. She then poured caster oil on my belly and did a deep-tissue massage, focusing on these two organs that are critical to filtering out the bad stuff from your blood and body.

The massage hurt a little.  These areas were a little tender.

After it was done, and the caster oil was wiped away and the needles all take out, I was given the standard reminder of drinking water and being mindful of what I ate.

I felt relaxed.  A little dream-like.

"Typical acupuncture hangover," I told myself.

Now, as the day has gone on, I find myself getting drowsier and drowsier.  But it was worth it.