The last in my Fan Fair series...

Favorite Place In The World:
To live? New York City. Though, I do feel myself being pulled back to my desert roots of Arizona.  I definitely see myself moving back there eventually.

To visit? Rome and Providenciales.

Who Inspires Me:
Tina Fey (Creative)
Steve Martin (Creative)
Hillary Clinton (Work Ethic & Feminism)
New York City Streets (Style)

Necessary Extravagance:
NYC apartment in Chelsea. I could live in Brooklyn again. Or I could truck myself up to the East Side. Both offer cheaper apartments. But being in Chelsea, for now, suits me quite nicely.

I will also say my Starbucks and taxi cabs to work habit are a bit out of control lately.  Both are too easy to access.  And I must dial at least the taxi cab habit back.

Favorite Movie:
This changes all the time. But my current two are "All About Eve" and "Midnight in Paris."

Favorite Shopping Mecca:
New York City's Meatpacking District. Has anything and everything you need.

Favorite Hotel:
I've stayed at some nice hotels in my time...  So it's hard to pick one. I did love the Hotel Homs in Rome. It's certainly not as luxurious and spacious as some of the other places I have stayed... But it's location near the Spanish Steps can't be beat. And when I travel, I don't spend much time in the room.

Favorite Color:
Coral Red and Inky Indigo.