A Return To My Lover: Jonathan Adler.

Apologies, Simon Doonan. But lest you forget, you were once my lover too. I am now, however, totally into your husband. Once again.

About four or five-ish years ago, I had the hots for Jonathan Adler. I was smitten by his Dolls ceramic container.  The Husband wasn't on board with me getting one, as it did not go with "our" style. Since then, I have stopped giving a crap about "our" style, as really, it was more "his." (Though, to his defense, he did not realize I was mostly appeasing him and defaulting to his style.)

So I overcame my desire for Jonathan Adler, and moved onto other stuff. Like John Derian.

Then, about two years ago, I started falling back in "like" with Jonathan Adler. His "happy chic" pieces are colorful and fun.  And the piece I coveted most was one of these...

A Moroccan Pouf.

Yes, I finally bought one.

While at the store this weekend (and there are FOUR of the in this city), I spotted something else that makes me happy and is quite chic...

The Carnaby Lamp.


Thinking one of these may look good in my office at work.  The lighting is terrible, even though I have a window.  I just deplore overhead lighting and much prefer "task" lighting.

Mr. Adler, I will never leave you again.