"Relaxing" = "Boredom" To Some. Well, To Me.

Reminder to myself: You do not like sitting in the sun. Therefore, why do you insist on taking beach vacations?

I am on vacation. And so far... No surprise... I am extremely bored.

The last time I was here in Providenciales, I created a new site. One which completely fell off the map when I got back to work and became ridiculously busy.

I need a vacation where there is stuff to see and do. The whole, "Sit back and chill out" mentality does not work. And I now know that it probably never will.

Here is how I spent yesterday afternoon...

I am now halfway through Hemingway's memoir from his early days in Paris.  I sat out on the screened in balcony reading all afternoon. Today, the Internet connection is better in the room. So I will likely be online reading most of the day.

The Husband is a wee bit peeved with me, as I never am able to really "relax" when I come here with him. I think this demonstrates how different we are.  My mind never shuts down, and I am always processing and producing in the deep folds of my cerebrum. And I am fine with this. I actually have no issues with this trait.

It's more about the people around me, and how they react to this trait.

I've am happy with being the anxious, "always on," pensive but slightly witty person I have always been. The only time I question how I am is when dealing with others who don't seem to like someone "relaxing" differently than them.

I find their energy "blocking."

I wonder if Hemingway ever felt this way? From what I've read, he seems to have surrounded himself by others like him... My instinct tells me he wasn't ever really "blocked."

Lucky bastard.