Short List Of Reasons To Live: April 1, 2012.

Happy April Fool's Day!

So far, the only worthwhile "joke" has been WestJet's KargoKids offering...

It's a new month and a new week...  Here is my Short List of Reasons to Live this week:

  • Vacation!  It's less than two weeks till I hit the beach in Providenciales.  I need to put together my reading list.  I am so ready for the vacation.
  • Birthday.  Also less than two weeks till my birthday. I've already received The Husband's present. So it's really just about looking forward towards the day at this point.
  • Babies!  My two nieces (not twins) could be arriving at any moment.  My guess is that they will be born the week of my birthday.  One in Australia. One in Arizona. Until this weekend, I was actually expecting them to have the same first name... As each of my sister-in-laws had chosen the same one. But one changed her mind about it, and has more or less moved onto a different name.
  • Summer. Spring only just began. But April and May always fly by pretty quickly. So it's time to start thinking about everything I want to do this summer, with all my summer Fridays.
  • MoMA. I am going to the MoMA on Friday.  I haven't been since 2000. I am due for some culture.