Short List Of Reasons To Live: April 29, 2012.

Never before has a month seemed to simultaneously drag and go by in a flash.

I started my week in Florida, with the intention of enjoying some industry stuff... Thinking I had everything back in NYC at the office under control.

Holy hell was I wrong.  My mornings were filled with panels and discussions on search stuff. Then instead of dedicating my afternoons to the networking events designed for the conference I was at, I was in my hotel room working.  

I was told at one point, "You know... Just listen and say 'fuck it.'"  

Well, while I appreciated the advice, I can't really do that.  Wish I could. Or can I?  I don't like saying "can't."  And I recognize that I need to be better about listening to my instincts and doing what I want. It remains an elusive quality in me right now though.

But tomorrow is a new opportunity to start thinking that way.

Turns out I wasn't the only one who had issues to deal with when they got back into the office. One of my cohorts from the conference also had some fires to put out when they got back in the office after being out for three days.  

It never ends for people in the search industry.

No excuse. We need to be able to relax and take care better care of ourselves in general.  We should take advice from this guy...

Amen, DL. AMEN!

And with that, here is this week's Short List of Reasons to Live...

  • My nieces. They both have arrived!  Finally! Now I can look forward to meeting them, as they live far away from their Auntie Missus.
  • The Husband Arrives. Doh!  Even though I said Human would be coming to town this week, he emailed me on Thursday to tell me he had read his itinerary wrong. He actually wasn't coming till THIS COMING WEEKEND. Somebody please get this man a personal executive assistant. Or (as was a popular topic at the conference I was at) an iPhone 4S with Siri.
  • Peony Season. I bought my first peonies of the Spring this weekend. They cost me $12 at the corner bodega. I love buying flowers in this city.
  • Cinco de Mayo. Aww yeah! It's my day! And it falls on a Saturday this year.  An excuse to drink lots of margaritas - hell yeah!

Ta till next week,
The Missus