Short List Of Reasons To Live: Easter 2012 Edition.

I stopped practicing Catholicism when I was 14 years old. (Not a fan of the community the church tends to have attending it... And also, had issues with their limited views of the role of women and reproductive rights... Though very much believe in God, Jesus, the Virgin Mary and the whole shebang.) So Easter hasn't been a huge holiday for me in the past 21 years. More so as I became an adult.

I nearly forgot today was Easter until Friday when people were going on about decorating Easter Eggs, Bikram yoga studios posting their revised schedules for the weekend and everyone I know on Facebook posting this photo...

In fact, bad Gentile that I am...  I KNEW it was Passover this weekend and didn't bother to realize it was also Easter.

If I was still a practicing Catholic, my C-card would be revoked. No Holy Communion Eucharist... No Holy Communion Wine (which I have never had anyways... Mum would never allow us)... No Stations of the Cross (practicing for which when I was 14 occurred an incident that solidified my decision to not be a practicing Catholic)... I would be kicked out and forever done-zo in their eyes.

But that aside... Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all my religious peeps out there! May your brisket have been tender and wonderful this past Friday night (my Jewish friends)... And your honey baked ham (for my Gentile friends) have been juicy and "whatever else honey baked ham is supposed to be - as it is one reason I like to abstain from Easter... It is a holiday that seems to put a preference on eating a pig's ass as the main dish"...

With that said, here is this week's Short List of Reasons to Live:

  • BIRTHDAY WEEK! It is ON! I turn 35 this week.  And, just so you know, 35 is the NEW 35! Yep, you read that right. I think it is stupid and silly to pretend that one doesn't age, or that one's age is just a number - but what they really are is 10 years younger in feeling than they are.  (I should probably do a post about this whole concept.) Anyway, this week is going to be awesome.  Birthdays always are.
  • VACATION! Finally. It's here! Friday I hop a plane in NYC. The Husband hops a plane in Toronto. We meet in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. We're trying out a new condo resort this time - one that's closer to the grocery store and night life.
  • NIECES! Both my sister-in-laws (one from The Husband's side, one from my side) are ready to EXPLODE this week, each with a niece for me! I have procured Diane von Furstenburg baby girl faux-wrap dresses (they don't, unfortunately, make Louboutins in baby size.)
  • TAXES! Whoa... What's exciting about it being "Tax Week?" For me, just that my taxes are DONE! And being e-filed this week.

C'est la vie! For now, anyways.