Short List Of Reasons To Live: Florida Edition.

Last week, Providenciales... This week, an island off of Fort Myers, Florida...

Travel is always welcome, whether it be for work or pleasure...  Provided that it is to some place warm and awesome. And coincidentally, I got to catch up with my friends Bail and Frogger last week when I got back from Providenciales... And we got to talking about a potential trip to Spain and Istanbul later this year.

Hoping that pans out.  It would be on the "Short List of Reasons to Live" for MONTHS.  But for now, here is this week's list...

  • Arizona Sofia. Still awaiting the arrival of my Arizona niece. She has yet to come out of the womb. And I anxiously await what I am sure will be a wonderful and divine little spirit.
  • Human Coming to Town. The Husband will be arriving for a long weekend in NYC on Friday. This means I need to get my act together and plan something for us to do on Saturday afternoon/evening.
  • 30-Day Bikram Yoga Challenge. I know. You're thinking, "Betch, please. You keep playin' like your gonna do one. But you ain't done shiz with yo practice since yo ass got back from Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in 2010."  You're right. But I managed to clear my schedule of all travel for late April/May. (Okay. So truth be told: I have to renew my passport. So I can't go anywhere.) So I can finally commit to doing a challenge again.
  • Arizona Baby. Wonderful and blessed news! Not only did I have a niece born in Australia last week and have one due in Arizona this week... But I found out this past weekend that my sister Red is expecting her first baby this Fall in Arizona!  As an adult, it feels a wee bit "magical" to have so many little ones being born so close in age.  My siblings and I all range 3 to 5 years apart in birth order.  So we barely went to the same school at the same time as each other, if at all. Seeing young cousins born closely together means my Mum and Dad will be quite busy with multiple grandkids to watch. And I as the NYC/Toronto Auntie can spoil them with awesome sleepovers, movies, candy, gum, toys and such! I get all of the fun, and barely any of the responsibility!

"Ta" till next week!

-The Missus