Short List Of Reasons To Live: Vacation 2012 Edition.

Busy and crazy week I had. Now in the British West Indies, sitting on my balcony, watching the white waves in the aqua ocean and admiring the sunshine brightening the colors of everything around me. And because the wireless in my suite is actually working, it seems like this is a good opportunity to list out this week's Short List of Reasons to Live...

  • Nieces. One was born Saturday morning in Australia. No name decided upon yet. The other one will likely come this week in Arizona. I am jazzed about having at least a few people in which to bequeath my collection of shoes and bags some day.
  • Work! Just as I was looking forward to my vacation for a great while... After two days, I am ready to be back at work. Thursday can't come fast enough.
  • The Ringer. Season finale of The Ringer is this Tuesday! Hoping I can figure out which channel down here is the CW. Last week's episode had me on edge.

I think a lunchtime cocktail is calling me now. Must run. XOXO - The Missus