Yoga Cures By Tara Stiles.

The main reason I practice yoga (admittedly - not as often as I would like) is because I believe in its power to heal.  (I also believe this with diet too.)  Despite being a passionate Bikram practitioner and certified Bikram teacher, I believe in all kinds of yoga practices. I find it all to be relevant and good, especially when it is preaches "healing."

That's why when I was offered the chance to review Tara Stiles new book, Yoga Cures, I jumped at the chance.

This kind of thing is right up my alley!

The book includes specific sequences to execute in order to heal yourself...

Anxiety? ADHD? Monkey Mind? Menstrual Cramps?  There are sequences for them all in the pages of the book. There are sequences to help push you through low tides in energy.  There are sequences to help with vertigo, cellulite, arthritis. There's even a sequence for wrinkles!  

My favorite is the "Laziness" sequence.  It was easy enough for me to do in my office yesterday afternoon while procrastinating on some things.

Love the book.  Find it to be a valuable resource. My only wish is that they consider developing a complimentary app based on the sequences.

Tara Stiles already has an app with Deepak Chopra that covers poses and general sequences. But it doesn't provide the "healing" approach as the book does. It would be great while traveling, for example, to be able to go to my iPhone and pull up a sequence in the morning to help with a hangover.

Definitely a book to add to your arsenal of education on how to better communicate with your body.