A $14k Birkin On Rue-La-La?

Woke up this morning to an email from my pal Frogger.

"Rue la la has a Birkin for $14k" was the headline.

"Well," I typed back, "they must not be real."

Now, Rue La La is a fine online establishment. I haven't visited the site in about two and a half years... But it does get some great designer things.

But a Birkin?  It's hard enough to get an Hermes store to sell you one. So the likelihood of a gorgeous Birkin being for sale on a discount site like Rue La La was less likely than Kim Kardashian not whoring herself out to the media.

So I dug around in my email history for my login to the site, and went in search for this thing.  Took a few minutes, but I found the page.

They indeed had an Hermes Blue Jean (my least favorite color) Birkin for sale for $14k on the site.  However, as I quickly scanned the small print, I discovered that it was not a new bag.

So it was a real bag... But it has been worn and used before appearing on the site!

I have opinions about acquiring used stuff. Only certain things are okay to buy "vintage" or "used":

  • Cars (I would never buy new)
  • Houses
  • Elizabeth Taylor's Jewelry
  • Anything touched by Madonna
  • Some furniture (Never mattresses though - but really, do I have to write that?)

When it comes to bags, I would buy one that is vintage.  However, not for $14,000!  Not unless Beyonce or Grace Kelly herself carried it. And even then... I would have a very difficult time going into debt for such a thing!

If one is going to procure a Birkin, it should be brand new. And from an Hermes store.  Preferably the one on Rue Saint-Honore.