And On Mondays (At The Met Gala) We Wear Pink.

It's no surprise that navigating the world as a woman requires some thick skin.

It starts a little as a child, as you develop friendships and start to see a little bit of bullying (or experiencing it yourself) over little, petty jealousy-type things.  Then it really kicks in during the teen years of junior high.  And by the time you hit high school, you better have developed somewhat of a sense of who you are, otherwise it won't be the most pleasant of four years.

You thought that it would end in high school, though. And that by the time you get to university, you won't have to deal with the "mean girl" aspects of life. But you would be wrong there too. Especially if you join a sorority (like I did).  And you know what? It doesn't stop in university... You will continue to encounter mean girls ALL THROUGHOUT LIFE.

So you need to realize that the only opinion that matters is yours. Above all else. Family's... Husband's... Co-workers'... Boss's... It's all about you and what you want to do.  And don't ever forget that.

Unless you work for Anna Wintour. Then, betch... You better check yo'self.

Apparently Anna has a little bit of the "mean girls" syndrome.  No surprise, really. Given the rumors of what it is like to work for her. But she kicked up a notch recently with regards to the Met Gala that is happening tonight.

She has requested to her staff that their wear pink gowns to the event. And that they send her pictures of them in the gowns in advance of the event, for her approval.

I guess that makes sense... Part of their job entails being ambassadors of style and trends.  But it feels a little too catty and "Queen B" for me...