AnOther Magazine.

Gosh... I read a ton of fashion/fashion-art magazines a month.  Foreign and domestic.  At the start of each month, usually around the 5th, I have about 12 magazines I have to truck down to the basement of my building for recycling.

Here is what I read:

  • Elle*
  • Harper's Bazaar*
  • Vogue
  • Allure
  • InStyle
  • W
  • Vanity Fair (okay, not fashion... But could argue "art" to some minute degree)
  • Elle Canada
  • Fashion (Canadian magazine)
  • British Vogue
  • French Vogue (probably get this every other month)
  • British Elle
  • Haute Muse* (comes out quarterly only)

I know there are small one-offs that I am missing.  The ones with asterisks are my favorites.  But all this means I go through well over 150 fashion magazines a year.  And this doesn't count all the "home inspiration" and decorating magazines I read. Not to mention my collection of Martha Stewart Everyday Food, which I have picked up every month for the past NINE YEARS.

My point is with all this... I really don't need another magazine to add to my collection. But yet, I found myself falling in love with another magazine.

Er... I mean, AnOther Magazine.

Yes. If you are squinting to see the price tag... It does indeed cost $20 for this magazine. But keep in mind, this only comes out TWICE A YEAR.  And it is a thick magazine with a lot of content. I don't believe you can subscribe to it. And I don't think you can easily find it.  I had to locate it at a random news stand on 3rd Avenue and 43rd Street, near my work.

The content is pretty substantial in it. Lots of feature stories... Ranging from true artists and their inspirations. (Not celebrities and reality people.) And the fashion editorials are soft... And minimalist. The exception being the glamourous spread with Jessica Chastain, who's featured on the cover.

Definitely worth the $20. Will absolutely be picking up the Fall/Winter issue.