Met Gala: The Divine.

The Met Gala each May is really a chance for those in attendance to really "bring it" in terms of high fashion. Rarely is there another opportunity where it is appropriate to really go "all out" on a look.  And this is one of the reasons why I was GREATLY DISAPPOINTED with this year's crop of looks.

There were a few looks that I found myself smiling at while flipping through the coverage on the Huffington Post...  And here they are:

Betch is rocking a LOBSTER on her gown! SHE WILL CLAW YOUR EYES OUT!

Hot pink hair? Okay, a little "Avril Lavigne circa 2007"... But for this event, it works. And it's fun.

I didn't like Rooney Mara until the Oscars this year. But she is proof of the incredible work that stylists bring to the table for clients. I find her stunning.

To be honest... The only thing I like about this look is the pink fanning of the dress. 

It must be tiring being this beautiful and stunning all the time. The look is very "age of innocence." So different from some of the other things we are seeing.

I hate Rachel Zoe most of the time. But THIS is what I am talking about when I say "people need to kick it up a notch for this event!"

Kind of dull, I know. But I have never been a fan of Amy Adams' style. So I felt the need to note that she "did good" tonight.

Emma reminds me of Michelle Williams from the 2006 Academy Awards in this dress. Like a canary about to sing her breakout song and become the bigger more beautiful bird that she can be.

Fun. Pure delight.

French betches always get it right.  Especially when they wear Dior. I hate them for this. 

She's hot. Her husband's hot. She makes millions. She has a beautiful child. And she gets to wear fabulous dresses. I bow to thee, Giselle.