Obsession Confession: The Grub Street Diet.

Filed amongst the things I am obsessed with in life (peonies, shelter mags, the color coral) is a weekly read that I refuse to miss. I hope it never goes away and is always put together, so that I may read it each weekend.

This online read is The Grub Street Diet. It's not a feature about "dieting," but rather an account of some New Yorker's eating habits for a few days.

"Really? You are obsessed with reading about what others are putting into their bodies for fuel and energy?" you may be asking.

And that answer would be, "Ab-so-eff-ing-lute-ly!"

The blog follows known writers, NYC celebrities and even a few well-known celebrities... All of who live in NYC.  My favorites to date are:

The betch eats a chicken potpie and potato salad EVERY DAY.  And she has a fresh cake in her house every day. INDULGENCE TO THE EXTREME!

She's an avid "juicer!" And she is a fan of Via Quadronno, my favorite cappuccino place in the whole city.

The man is as obsessed with Trader Joe's as I am. I greatly respect this.

The best one, by far, is Courtney Love's.  I would love for them to revisit her eating diary in a few years... Just to see if she has evolved beyond her "crack" (and by that, I mean "sugary") diet.