Schiap & Miuccia. Pink & Brown.

Unexpected days off are absolutely delicious!

Today was such a day. I found out about two weeks ago that we would have an extra day off for this weekend.  And I knew exactly how I wanted to spend it...  Catching the Elsa Schiaparelli & Miuccia Prada "Impossible Conversations" exhibit at the Met.

I have never been much a fan of Prada's looks. I have never been so inspired by something she has created that I had to go out and either get a piece of it or emulate it in some way.

"Too much brown and then there are the funky shoes," I would say.

I mean, how much did I hate these chandelier clogs in 2010?

And these flame shoes this year?

But walking through the exhibit, which pairs these two Italian designers' works together... Along with (imagined) conversations between the two, I found myself developing an understanding for why Prada designs what she does.

It's actually very beautiful.

Prada loves brown. Elsa loves pink. Both are/were strong women. And you can see an echo of inspiration from Sciaparelli in some of Prada's work. It was a very good exhibit.

Afterwards, I walked down Madison Avenue to the 70s, where I stopped in at two of my favorite places in the whole city for a treat...

Via Quadronno and Laduree.

A cappuccino and a cherry blossom macaron...  Brown and Pink. What an appropriate way to end my afternoon.