Short List Of Reasons To Live: American Anniversary.

Had I remembered to write this weekly post last week, I would have noted that my American Anniversary was today. But my energy escapes me on weekends when The Husband is down, like last weekend.  So here I am catching up on things I am looking forward to!

And I'll be honest, there really isn't much this week that I am looking forward to. I am grateful that it is a four-day workweek so that next weekend can get here.  Because this week is gong to be busy at work. (Why I thought things would slow down once the summer hit, I have no idea. Clearly, I was delusional.)

Here is this week's List of Short Reasons to Live:

  • Four-Day Workweek. Beating a dead horse, I know. 
  • Snow White & The Huntsman. Charlize Theron... The ultimate bitch. 
  • Bodies Exhibit. I've wanted to see this for about five years.  The Husband refuses to see it, because he finds it creepy as all hell. So a solo visit next Saturday appears to be in my cards.
  • Vacation Planning. It's now that time of year where I am dying to go on a few vacations.  I am looking at my packed calendar for the Summer, though, and realizing that I won't have time for any trips until the Fall. I haven't been home to Toronto in two months now. And I may not get there until the END of July. And I still have to get home to Phoenix to see my new niece.

Clearly, I need to take some time to find more exciting things to look forward to. But this should give an indication of how busy and energy-drained I am.