Short List Of Reasons To Live: Mother's Day 2012.


Did you call your mum? Did you send her flowers?  I did both. And I reminded The Husband to do something nice for his mum too. Though, to be honest, he was already on top of it. (So no reminder was needed.)

Speaking of which... It's been another very busy two weeks! With The Husband here last weekend, I forgot to post last week's list. Though, the only thing I was looking forward to last week was to "just get through the week." This week will be equally busy, and I am anxious to get through it as well.

In the agency world, the closer you get to June, the more it typically calms and slows down. I am hoping by the end of this week I will have more of a sense of what the summer will be like... It will either encompass opportunity to focus on strategy and creativity, or it will be non-stop pursuing of opportunity after opportunity.  I prefer the former. But know the latter is best for business.

But for this week the opportunities and Short List of Reasons to Live include:

  • Prada & Schiaparelli.  Last summer, the Costumer Institute at the Met featured Alexander McQueen.  This summer, it's a comparison of Muccia Prada and Elsa Schiaparelli.  Two female Italian designers from two different eras. I am hoping to have time to see it next weekend.
  • Bootcamp Bitch. I am attempting three days of Barry's Bootcamp this week! The classes I have taken leave my inner thighs sore for days. And these classes will be early AM, before work.  I am hoping they give me an energetic start to my day.
  • Coconut Lattes. This one actually started this past week, when Starbucks brought back the coconut syrup for their summer drinks... Which I don't partake in because they are mixed with chocolate. I am not a fan (much) of "coconut and chocolate." It's a pedestrian combo. I do love the syrup in my lattes, though. And no one else ever orders it. So it makes it very unique to me.
  • Human Weekend. This coming weekend brings another visit from The Husband.  YAY!  He's been such a good sport with all the visits lately, since my passport is currently being renewed.
  • Decisions about Redecorating.  It's been nearly three years since we bought our house in Toronto. Time flies! And we are thinking we are ready to redecorate it a little.  I wanted to redecorate three years ago... But we were hesitant.  We had never owned a house before, or anything so big. We were hesitant to come in and change things. Now, though, we are totally ready. But with me living down in the States, it does make it a little harder to get it all done. So I think at the end of the week, I will be able to sit down with him and determine what all we think needs to get done. And how to best execute getting it done.