3LAB Perfect BB Moisturizer: Good-Bye Foundation!

I haven't worn foundation on my face since probably March. As soon as temperatures start to slightly warm above 50 degrees (which happened this March), I switch to tinted moisturizer with SPF.

I had been wearing one that was a 20 SPF. But I didn't really care for it.  It was too thin, and not hydrating. And it was only SPF 20. That's too low.

(Says the person who wears 100 SPF on the beach! Too low, indeed!)

So last weekend, when I was in Boston, my pal Frogger took me shopping.  She wanted someone to make her feel less guilty for heading into Barney's and coveting the shoe section.

(Momentary Segue: The shoe section at Barney's in Boston, while beautiful, rarely has a lot of people in it. So you immediately get bombarded by the sales assistants... And then feel guilty when you tell them, "Just looking." Or, at least, I do. I mean, it's not like the shoe section at Saks Fifth Avenue here in NYC. That place is ALWAYS packed.)

We quickly danced through the shoes... And ended up in the cosmetics section.

"Ohmigosh! You have to check out this new tinted moisturizer I discovered," Frogger said.

It was the 3LAB Perfect BB Moisturizer...

It is a SPF 40 tinted moisturizer. It's thick... And provides great coverage of flaws...

The only bummer is that it comes in just THREE shades.  And I wear the second shade.  And, if you know me, you know how freaking pale I am... So if I have to wear the second shade, you know it won't work for a good portion people. I believe they are going to develop it in darker shades.  I hope so, anyway. 

It's fantastic stuff. You only need a very small dot on your chin, forehead and each cheek. Like, "super small" dot.

It's pricey, but worth the investment.