Back On Common Ground.

The past two days, I have been up pre-dawn (well, close enough... It was ass-early both days) to catch planes.

Yesterday I flew to Chicago. Today I flew back to NYC.  In both cases, I was on a tight time frame when I landed. Yesterday I had a meeting to get to that started at 9am.  And it takes nearly an hour to get from O'Hare Airport to downtown Chicago.  Today, I had to get from Laguardia to my apartment in Chelsea... Where I had to change out my clothes in the suitcase and dash off to Penn Station to catch a train to Boston.

I almost didn't make the train today.  But I ran fast in my Choos. And was able to board the train at 1:02pm.  The train departed at 1:03pm.

So now I am in Boston. Exhausted. I have had such a busy week, I couldn't even remember what day of the week today was. So as soon as I got off the train in Back Bay, I walked to the hotel where I am meeting my husband for our weekend getaway. And along the way, I ran into one of my favorite things in Boston.

Exhale Spa.

Sure, they have them in NYC too... But I prefer the one near the Public Garden above all others.  So I walked in, trollying my suitcase behind me.

"I need a massage. Tonight. At least 90 minutes. Please."

They smiled and booked me in for an hour later.

Now, I am back in my hotel room awaiting The Husband to come back from his work dinner. I am going to sleep in tomorrow... And then go shopping with my bestie.

Can I move back to Boston?