Dreams: Elevators & Zombies.

I don't seem to dream much lately.  At least not that I can actually recall upon waking.  However, the past two nights I have dreamed. And when I woke, I was able to remember things about them.  I think this is due to me having a lot on my mind in recent weeks with regards to some decision-making I have to do.

First Dream: The Elevator Won't Let Me Off
I am on an elevator, trying to get to floor seven.  However, the elevator is broken. And It will not let me off on floor seven. My only option is to get off on floors eight or nine, and walk down to seven. This causes me much anxiety, as I have "shit to do" in my dream and don't have time for an elevator in a grand building (as the one I am in) to be broken.

I wake up before I actually get off and walk down.

Second Dream: Zombie-Like Beasts
I am in some work building. Outside are creatures that are similar to zombies in that if they bite you, you turn into one of them.  I am going through the building, and seeing where I can hide. But the building has glass walls. And inside some of the rooms I can see that there are already beasts in there.  I am never afraid - in most dreams where I am running or fighting, I am not afraid.  I am on a mission.  And keep running through the building, with a hand gun, ready to attack if necessary. All I want is to find my hiding spot.

Dream One:  Reflective of the anxiety I am having. More is being given, and am unsure of whether or not I want it. The number seven represents healing and completion.  The number nine represents longevity.

Dream Two: Obviously about anxiety as well. Zombies represent I am out of sync with things around me. A little out of touch. The fact that I am running from them and ready to attack if they get in my way reflects that I am doing all I can to feel overwhelmed. Attempting to hide from the zombies shows I am avoiding dealing with the feelings. Guns represent power.  In the dream, I have loaded the gun, but have not fired it. So I have power, but have not attempted to use it.

What's all this mean?

Basically, shit I already know. But my dreams are making it more blatant that I need to make a decision, and soon.